Friday Funnies

This is a really funny picture that when you see it it might make you confused at first but it could also make you laugh!







I found a really funny video that you should totally watch because it’s only 1 minute and you will laugh!!

I just also found a really funny picture and a cute one at the same time that I just feel like everyone would laugh at it!







I also found a really funny video of a cute little baby that is kinda living there live in a really crazy life!

This picture!!!! Omg the funniest!! I feel like it describes me by a bit!!







Thank you for watching this crazy videos and pictures!


School review

Draper Park Middle School

Draper Park Middle School is a really pretty school, with really nice teachers, decorations, and amazing people in it. This school is super pretty and is also pretty clean all the time and the teachers and worker, there all super sweet and always welcome everyone new. the school also has amazing views that can show how the sunny, rainy, and snowy days. All the teachers here work super hard to be able to teach all the students. The school also has a pretty big parking lot and a big cafeteria with a lot of tables where everyone can always find a comfortable seats.

Here are some pictures of the school:

Post about my Poll!

Most people got this questions incorrect because I usually talk about different stuff and not my favorite ones! haha. But ias good hat they tried to guess and I mean they were pretty close so it’s good. My favorite color is blue, My favorite type of Goldfish is yellow!! My favorite pet is a dog! and my favorite candy is trolli.

Thanks for taking my poll!

How to make some yummy chicken tenders at home!

I make this type of chicken tenders at home and there SSOOO good!!! and I would love if you tried this!.


Main  Ingredients:

  1. Chicken strips
  2. Garlic powder
  3. Salt
  4. Pepper
  5. Onion powder
  6. Paprika
  7. Flour
  8. Oregano
  9. Egg
  10. Oil

Okay! After you have those ingredients you will need to wash your little chicken strips! After that you will need to dry them up with a paper towel to make sure you can have them clean. After all of that you will need to add some seasoning of course! You need good seasoning so you can have a yummy food!! Anyways you will add your salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and oregano. After adding that you will mix all of the seasoning to your chicken strips. Then you will let that sit all together in a bowl while you get the flour ready! To get the flour ready you will need to add the same seasoning which are: Paprika, oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper, after that you will mix the flour so al the flour has all the yummy seasoning. After that you will need to crack an egg into another bowl and whisk it and DON’T ADD ANYTHING TO IT!!! leave the egg by its self. Then after having all of that ready you will grab your chicken trips with all the seasoning in it and then you will grab each little peace of chicken strip and then put it in the flour and then flip it 3 times (basically trying to get all the flour with all the seasoning on it) Then after putting it on the flour you will put it on the egg and flip it 2 times (get the egg on the chicken). After that you will repeat the same process at least 3 more times which is putting the chicken on the flour and then flip it over and over then after that  put it on the egg and flip it twice!. After all of that you will need a pan where you can put oil on it and let it heat for a little so then the oil can be hot and ready!!. After having the hot oil ready on the pan you will grab the chicken strips and put them in the oil MEDIUM temperature!!! and you will flip it over each 3 minutes with the fire at MEDIUM!! You will know when they are when they look really yummy and brownish like a cute tan color of a NOT burned chicken!!. You will need t leave the chicken inside the oil for at least 10 minutes! You don’t want burned chicken!. After all of that you will get it out the chicken and put it on a paper towel to dry out the oil and then THERE YOU GOOO!!!  YUMMY CHICKEN IS READY!! Then now you can enjoy your delicious food and ALSO DON’T BURN YOURSELF!!

Top 10 best gifts to give to a girl!!

If you don’t know what to give to a girl for Christmas or a Birthday present here are some options to give out!:

  1. Some colorful bracelets.

Link to them: Click here for bracelets









       2. Some fancy cute rings.                   Link to them: Click here for the ring









3.  Some cute anklets.                             Link to them: Click here for the anklets









4. A get back Necklace.                             Link to it: Click here for the necklace.










5.  A Hydro Flask.                                        Link to buy a Hydro: Click here for a hydro.










6.  Some LED lights.                               Link to buy LED lights: Click here to buy them.










7.  A cute Backpack from Kanken.               Link to buy the backpack: Click here to buy it.










8. A avocado Squish-mellow.                     Link to buy it: Click here to buy the squish-mellow








9. A comfy.                                              Link to buy it: Click here to buy the comfy.










10. A tortilla blanket.                   Link to buy it: Click here to buy a tortilla blanket











All of this gifts could solve all your problems when you need to give a gift to a girl!!.


Review on what some kids wear

Some kids like to wear dope shoes like Air Jordans! My review about those shoes. I think those shoes are cool and pretty dope to wear outside kinda when you wanna look a bit fancy and stuff!!! And I mean if you know how to match them then, its gonna be even better because you’re going to be wearing some really cool shoes that you can actually match with some good peaces of clothing. I mean this type of bran is really expensive but not gonna lie! I think is worth it because you can get new shoes that can match with a really cute and really good outfit.

This shoes are usually sell in the app called: GOAT



Review about my first time jet-skiing

Jet-ski review

I’m gonna be taking about when I did Jet-ski and my experience with it.

When I did Jet-Ski in St.George for my first time it was a really fun moment!! But it was really scary because St.George has lakes so if you fall into the water you won’t get bitten by a shark or any animal water. But this one time I was with my 2 sisters and my oldest sister was the one driving and she went on FFUUULLLLL speed!!!! And this one BIGGG wave hit us really hard and we tripped really hard and the Jet-Ski was kinda going away and we were really scared because the Jet-ski could had still fall and tripped with the waves. My sisters and I weren’t scared for ourselves we were scared because if the Jet-ski tripped it could had drown and we would had have to pay and it would have been A LOTTT!!!! of money just for one Jet-ski. But my sisters and I were on our way for the jet-Ski and we were able to get it, and nothing bad happened to it!. After everything we got back on it and we started going on slow speed and then FASSTTT speed but the good thing is that we din’t trip again!.





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